Food Network Interview and Videoshoot

Charley and Ruth Addison were very proud to be the subject of a Food Network interview and video shoot for the popular show Unwrapped. Titled Unwrapped: BBQing and Grilling, it was filmed on August 31, 2005, the completed show first aired in June 2006 and it has been repeated frequently since.

We saw this as an opportunity to show you the fun of the video shoot, as well as how Crazy Charley™ products are made and packaged for shipment to our distributors, then on to you!

  • Charley under the Bright Lights
  • Charley preparing for Interview
  • Charley is interviewed by the Food Network Producer
  • Sauces ready for their Closeup!
  • Food Network Video Crew with our Chef
  • Crazy Cajun Staff Making Sauce
  • Staff Add Ingredients to Sauce
  • Sauce is pumped from the mixer to the filler
  • Videographer gets a shot of the empty jars
  • Staff loads the empty jars ready to be filled
  • The filling machine inserts a measured amount of sauce into each jar
  • Staff monitors the filling machine as it fills Crazy Charley jars with Sauce
  • Jars are filled to the top with Crazy Charley Sauce
  • After the jars are filled, they are conveyed around the corner to the vacuum-pack machine
  • The Food Network Producer and Videographer plan the next shot
  • Filled jars round the corner of the filling line to have a lid put on top
  • Videographer shoots the jars receiving their lids
  • Crazy Charley Sauces are vacuum-packed for freshness
  • Charley & Chef inspect Manufacturing Line
  • Sealed jars move round the next corner for labeling
  • Crazy Charley Labels are ready to be put on the labeling machine
  • Filled and Sealed Jars are labeled
  • Final inspection before they are packed
  • Crazy Charley Sauces ready to be shipped to you!
  • Crazy Charley Sauces
  • Ruth Addison, proud owner of Crazy Cajun Enterprises, Inc. with husband Charley
  • Charley prepares Meatballs in File Gumbo
  • "I Guarantee!" Charley samples Meatballs in File Gumbo

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